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Retirement Planning

Your Future

Some of us are natural savers whilst others will often put off planning for their retirement to another

day.  With life expectancy rising, most of us realise that saving for our retirement is an ever more vital part of financial planning.

As an example, a 65 year old man retiring now wanting to secure a lifetime income of approximately £20,000* p.a. would need a pension fund of £380,000If you would like a pension that increases each year inline with inflation the fund required would be £600,000.

A 30 year old today would need to save £546.10** net per month to achieve the same level income at age 65.  An inflation linked pension would require savings of £889.05 net per month.

Retirement Planning Services

Whatever stage you are at in your retirement planning, action now could make a big difference to your future income.

  • Pension Establishment
  • Pension Review
  • Income Shortfall Analysis
  • Fund Management
  • Consolidation
  • Annual Reviews
  • Alternative Strategies

We recommend all of our clients wishing to look at retirement planning have a Pension Review and Income Shortfall Analysis.

State Pension - An Uncertain Future

The pensions landscape has seen dramatic changes and harder times seem set to come.  Final salary pension schemes are now a rarity and there are no guarantees about the amount of state pension that can be expected, or even at what age it will be paid. 

There have been a number of changes to state retirement age in recent years and indications show that there are likely to be further amendments in future.  Changes can be made relatively close to someone reaching their anticipated state retirement age leaving little time to make alternative plans. 

It is more vital than ever to take control of your own retirement destiny. 


A Pension is a long term investment and the fund value may fluctuate and can go down.  Your eventual income may depend upon the size of the fund at retirement, future interest rates and tax legislation.

* Assumes good health, annuity basis is 0% escalation, 50% spouses pension, 5 year guarantee

** Assumes growth rate of 7% with inflation at 2.5%

Figures have been obtained using independent research tool Selectapension


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