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Andrew Cairns Ltd Independent Financial Adviser

About Us


Our philosophy


We provide the support and advice to help you to achieve your financial goals and ambitions.

Our view is that, for the majority of our clients, financial advice should be provided based on a holistic approach and with an on-going relationship.  We do not fit people to products and disappear.  We find products and services to suit your needs and ensure regular reviews are carried out, where appropriate. 

Our core values include:

  • Understanding the needs of our clients
  • Treating our clients fairly
  • Transparency
  • Flexibility
  • Consistency
  • Availability
  • Independence

Maintaining and improving our services whilst striving for a high level of customer service is paramount to our business.

Who we are

We are an experienced team who enjoy what we do and are committed to on-going professional development.  In a constantly changing financial landscape we strive to improve the services we offer and endeavour to be as proactive as possible. 

Find out more about the team here.


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Lifestyle Planning

We offer a wide range of services aimed at providing advice and support to help you achieve your chosen lifestyle.

Whether you are working towards a goal or trying to protect your current lifestyle, we have the knowledge and experience to help you.

Contact us today to arrange a no obligation and cost free initial financial review meeting.

  • Short and long term saving
  • Pensions
  • Wealth management
  • Tax planning
  • Investment income
  • Making the most of your retirement


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